About Us

A ‘double-take’ on the sweet things in life

We are Bec and Merv, an Australian couple from Sydney currently enjoying the expat life in Brussels. In our 10+ years as a couple, we’ve seen a lot of the world together – we’ve travelled to more than 80 cities in over 25 countries. We’ve visited beautiful places, met interesting people, and tasted some really delicious food. We’ve had a blast. Our only regret is that we didn’t write any of it down!

So we’ve decided to start doing just that. And what better way to journal our experiences than our very own blog?

We’ll share our latest travel experiences and review some of the places we visit – restaurants, hotels, sights and more – in Brussels and beyond. While many of our experiences are shared, we don’t always feel the same way about them, or even remember them the same way. Different things stand out for each of us, and the comparisons are part of what makes each encounter so interesting. So for every entry you’ll find a ‘double-take’, a recap from each of our perspectives.

We’re excited about the discoveries that lie ahead for us, and looking forward to writing all about it. Thanks for stopping by!

About BecAbout Bec

With a background in communications, Bec embarked on a career in the civil service which brought opportunities to live and work abroad in France, Canada, Switzerland and most recently, Belgium. As a postgraduate student she travelled extensively through Europe, which has been drawing her back ever since. A self-confessed francophile, Bec speaks French and enjoys ducking across the border from Brussels to Paris at every opportunity.


About MervAbout Merv

An avid photographer, Merv enjoys seeing the world through a camera lens and has travelled extensively through Europe, South-East Asia and North America. In addition to his current home of Belgium, he has previously lived abroad in Canada. A big fan of all things edible, Merv actively seeks out the culinary delights of travel with a particular liking for street and fast foods.


  1. Ramona

    Congrats on the blog guys! It’s the next best thing to actually being there. You’ve captured so wonderfully the many things I love about Europe. Fingers crossed we get to visit you one day soon and eagerly awaiting the next installment.

    Liked by 1 person

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