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m1This small but charming cinema, hidden in a gallery between shops and bars, is not easy to find if you’re not looking for it. Although it’s located right around the corner from the Grand Place and just a few minutes’ walk from home, we hadn’t even heard of it until we discovered the Arsene50 website, which offers last minute discounts on cultural events around Brussels, including reduced-price tickets to same-day movie screenings at selected cinemas.

Once we’d purchased our tickets online, Google Maps led us to the tucked-away cinema entrance. With its bold red carpets and grand staircase leading to the main lobby, it felt more like we were entering a theatre than a cinema. This theatre-feel continued inside, as we seated ourselves on comfy red leather couches by the snack bar while we waited for our movie to start.

The cinema houses three small screening theatres each with their own colour theme: the Red Room, the Blue Room and the Purple Room. Our movie was showing in the smallest of the three, the Purple Room, which has only 41 seats. Although this was probably the smallest movie theatre I’ve been to, it was also the most cosy and was just perfect for watching a Woody Allen film (even if half the screen was covered in French and Flemish subtitles)! Highly recommended for date night with the Missus…

Cinema Aventure
Rue des Fripiers 57, 1000 Brussels

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