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l2For years I’ve been in the habit of donating to charity my pre-loved clothes that for one reason or another I no longer have a use for, whether it be due to growth in my fashion tastes or, more commonly, growth in my waistline! Usually in excellent condition and often including brand name pieces, I’ve always thought it could be worth reselling some of these pieces myself, but I never really knew where to start. So when I read about ‘The Dressing Room’, a one-day event that would bring together several small pop-up shops with the slogan “sell yours, buy mine”, I figured this was my chance to see how it was done!

Set in the beautiful location of the BIP (Brussels Info Place), The Dressing Room felt very different to other vintage markets and second-hand stores I’ve visited in the past. The stands were well presented and well lit, and since most vendors seemed to be selling their own pieces rather than a collection sourced from several previous owners, the event had a very personal feel. A tea and coffee bar, and a brunch menu provided by PinPon mobile restaurant also added a sense of occasion to the event.

With over 40 stalls to explore, The Dressing Room offered excellent variety ranging from coats and jackets, jeans and skirts and a range of accessories including handbags, shoes and scarves. It didn’t take me long to hone in on some of the designer pieces on offer, including some beautiful Zadig et Voltaire jackets and sweaters, and a particularly striking Filles à Papa coat that would have made a fabulous addition to my wardrobe if I had slimmer arms!

There was something for everyone, even for the men that appeared to have been dragged along by their girlfriends. Among the number of shops selling menswear were a few stands that even caught Merv’s attention, including one selling a range of Superdry winter essentials and another vendor selling pairs and pairs of sneakers, including many hard-to-find and limited edition retro styles. And when it all got too much for the gents, there was a lounge (/waiting!) area for them to enjoy.

A second Dressing Room event is planned for March. Buying vintage at events such as this is not only fashionable and a lot of fun, it is also an eco-friendly way to shop. I can’t wait to check out the next Dressing Room to see what vintage fashion treasures we might discover next time around.

The Dressing Room
BIP, Rue Royal 2-4, 1000 Brussels

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