Butterscotch & Chocolate


l2Behind the quaint shopfront along Sainte Catherine’s Quai au Bois à Bruler, with its butterfly logo and bright turquoise seating, lies the warm and inviting Pipaillon, a jam factory which doubles as a coffee shop. Alongside shelves lined with jars of homemade jam, chutney, and tapenades are a scattering of retro decorative items and vintage advertising signage that give the space a nostalgic and homely feel. A perfectly charming setting for a leisurely coffee stop.

With good coffee still surprisingly elusive in a city as cosmopolitan and gourmand as Brussels, the Pipaillon is a welcome find. The delicious coffee is complemented by a range of homemade sweet treats, such as biscuits, slices and cakes. The trademark jams made on site are also served alongside the croissants and baguettes at breakfast time. This attention to detail can be found in every aspect of the Pipaillon experience – from the homemade menu items and accompaniments, to the eclectic decor and personal service, and even the complimentary self-service water infused with mint leaves. So many lovely touches to be found here!

For later in the day, Pipaillon offers sandwiches and salads for a light lunch, as well as a selection of tapas and wines for those who fancy an aperitif. With the added bonus of an outdoor terrace in a picturesque setting right across from the canals of Saint Catherine, the Pipaillon cafe makes a great choice for a drink or a bite at any time of the day.

Pipaillon – La Conserverie
Quai au bois à brûler 11, 1000 Brussels

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