Butterscotch & Chocolate


m1What better way to end our short time in Mons than with a quick beer in a traditional Belgian bar? We didn’t have to venture far, with a number of cafes right on the picturesque Grand Place. Despite having so many options and very little knowledge about any of them, we found ourselves inexplicably gravitating towards La Cervoise – and were very glad to have ended up there!

We bypassed the outdoor terrace in favour of a seat at one of the narrow leather booths inside, perfect for two. Surrounded by an array of vintage beer advertising signs and a seemingly infinite sea of dark timber and gold brass, we took our time with the beer menu which offered over 170 different beers.

Eventually I selected the St Bernardus Abt 12, a dark ale which is the St Bernadus brewery’s flagship beer, and based on the original recipe passed on from the Sint Sixtus Abbey monks decades ago. At 10% alcohol it packed quite a punch, and the balanced bittersweet finish made it very enjoyable to drink. With Bec’s growing liking for fruit beer, I wasn’t surprised when she ordered a Bush Pêche Mel, a peach flavoured amber ale. What did surprise me was seeing the alcohol content when the bottle arrived at the table – a whopping 8.5% which is extremely high for a fruit beer!

We later learned that “la cervoise” is old French for “strong beer”. Well, that explains it! Needless to say, we left La Cervoise very happy customers indeed.

La Cervoise
Grand Place 25, 7000 Mons

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