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l2An overnight stay in a former chapel – why not?! Located in a 19th century neo-gothic building, the 4-star Dream Hotel in the historic centre of Mons cleverly combines its historic charm with contemporary styling to create a novel hotel stay. From the façade to the interiors, the hotel pays homage to its past, retaining its original arched windows and stained glass used to great effect in the halls and in guest rooms. Decals of stained glass church windows even adorn the shower screens.

The Dream Hotel features a number of themed rooms, each dedicated to a particular Belgian personality or cultural icon – from surrealist artist Rene Magritte to cyclist Freddy Merckx, the Manneken Pis, art nouveau and Belgian comic strips, and even one room dedicated to Belgian friteries, with a list of sauces by the doorway!

Our room was one of several inspired by the story of Saint George and the Dragon, which has a special significance in Mons where an annual procession re-enacting the legend takes place. Dragon motifs in the room were complemented by hues of black, grey and white, with the occasional splash of red and cowskin print (!). The room was extremely spacious and had a contemporary feel. With an ultra modern restaurant and a more casual brasserie and lounge bar, as well as a spa and wellness area, the Dream Hotel has everything you could want for a wonderful hotel stay – and more.

m1We’ve stayed in some excellent hotels recently, and the beautiful Dream Hotel in Mons was no exception. Centrally located within walking distance of the train station and just a few minutes’ walk to the Grand Place (the town square), you couldn’t ask for a better base for an overnight stay in Mons.

As we made our way to our room on the second floor, the first thing I noticed was the black carpet patterned with French writing and dragon and heart outlines. This theme continued down the long black and white corridor and into our room. It was only once inside that we realised the carpet was depicting the story of George and the Dragon, complete with the dragon-slaying knight on horseback saving the damsel in distress.

I loved this unique detail, and was further impressed with the third floor of the hotel which features the hotel’s themed rooms. The elevator doors opened to a sea of black and white checkers – it felt like we were pieces in a giant chess board! Illustrations along the corridor walls reflected the themes of the various rooms, with a bowler hat for the Magritte room, a bicycle for the Merckx room, and a colourful frites stand for the ‘Tastes of Belgium’ room. This hotel definitely reflects the Belgian quirkiness and humour I’ve observed in so many aspects of life in Belgium, and does it so well. With bundles of charm and tonnes of character, the Dream Hotel makes for an excellent hotel stay.

Hotel Dream
17 Rue de la Grande Triperie, 7000 Mons

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