Butterscotch & Chocolate


l2While strolling through the Marolles district on a gloriously sunny Brussels day, I stumbled on this small corner coffee shop that was just too inviting to not pop in! The cosy space holds just a few tables and is filled with a range of coffee-themed items and accessories, the centrepiece of which is the impressive barista machine. Shelves are lined with coffee bean-filled jars and and coffee infographics, and the walls are covered in books and aprons. One wall even features an intricate diagram of a coffee grinder.

Despite its small size and vintage-inspired details crammed into almost every space, the LAB still manages to feel light and open thanks to functional, natural Scandanavian design elements. The street terasse is a lovely spot for a coffee on a sunny afternoon – I loved the eclectic selection of outdoor seating, with mismatched wooden chairs, stools and benches. With just one barista on duty and many coffee lovers to serve, the wait for our order was a little long so it was just as well we weren’t in any hurry. We enjoyed a leisurely coffee break with iced coffee that delivered a good hit of coffee flavour and was the perfect summery refreshment.

An off-shoot of the nearby Café du Sablon, the LAB serves single origin coffees, as well as (valrhona) chocolate drinks and a range of teas and viennoiserie. They also offer workshops, coffee tastings and barista training – the team behind the LAB obviously knows a thing or two about coffee!

Rue Ernest Allard 39, 1000 Brussels

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