Butterscotch & Chocolate


m1I lost my frite-virginity to this place yesterday and it definitely lived up to my expectations. There was a long queue of hungry souls outside this place but the guys inside had it all under control and the line moved fairly quickly. It was torture watching all the people come out with their large cones filled with frites but it gave me time to think about which sauce I would be putting on top of mine.

The place is tiny with no seating inside but you don’t really eat frites sitting down, do you? I chose the samurai sauce to cover my fries. The white cone with the tiny forks really made the experience more satisfying. The chips were fresh, crunchy on the outside with a little bit of potato meat on the inside. More salt would have been nice for my taste, especially since there wasn’t enough sauce for all the fries – but maybe that had something to do with my scoffing down all the sauce in just a few forkfuls!

I was pretty satisfied with Friterie Tabora. The fries are hand cut, fried a few times for colour and crunch, and very tasty – perfect for a cheap snack on the go.

Friterie Tabora
Rue de Tabora 2, 1000 Brussels

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